Filipino Merienda at TFC (Traditional Filipino Cuisine)

We have a merienda at TFC (Traditional Filipino Cuisine) located in Mount Druitt. "Merienda" is a light meal in the morning or afternoon which is part of Philippine culture. 
(1) Pancit Palabok
It is a noodle dish with shrimp sauce topped with shrimps, pork, chicharon, tinapa flakes, scallions, fried garlic and boiled egg.
Pancit Palabok

(2) Lumpiang Togue

A deep fried thin egg crepe compose mainly of mungbean sprout with vinegar dipping sauce. A Filipino appetizer but can be served as merienda also.

Pancit Palabok and Lumpiang Togue

(3) Halo-halo

It is a famous summer time Filipino cold dessert. It means literally "mix-mix". The main ingredients is shaved ice and milk. In the mixture there are various sweetened banana, langka, sweet potato, beans, pinipig topped with leche flan and ube halaya or ice cream.


Thanking GOD for everything!

Mrs. Shirley Simmons 


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