A Precious Trip at Cambodia

On the 24th December until 5th of January 2016 was my precious trip at Cambodia! I travel with my loving fiance Timothy, Uncle John, Auntie Ruth, Bro. Albert, Sis. Nhor, Bro. Efren, Sis. Jen and Bella. 

Lovely to see my Spiritual Family in Christ in Cambodia.

Day 1

We landed first at Siem Reap airport picked up by our beloved Sis. Loi by van, I stayed in Sim Reap hall. Thanks Sis.Loi for letting me stay at your room!

Day 2 

The next day early morning we travel by van then bus going to Phnom Pehn. It was a long journey though. We had a bus stop over! In a street a lot of vendors of fried locust, as well as their local fresh fruits such as green mangoes, tamarinds and etc.

I tried fried spider, a very unforgettable experienced as I explore in food! I love their green mangoes as a snacks for 1 US Dollar. We had a good lunch at their local eatery. I love their local cuisine, they have lots of herbs and spices that is known to be healthy.

We are welcomed by Bro. Vithou and Sis. Ratana at the Lucky Star, Phnom Phen. And we had a lovely unlimited barbeque at the village restaurant.

Day 3

We went to market to buy some souvenirs! Some of the local food they are selling in market.

A wonderful experienced to see Cambodian food culture.

Thanks to my fiance Timothy for being with me on my food adventure! Thank you Uncle John & Auntie Ruth for bringing me to Cambodia. And to all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ with me during my whole travel.

GOD Bless!




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