A Cup of Coffee at Figaro!

Every morning that I wake up, it's always great to read the Bible and thanking GOD for all the blessings that we have.  Coffee is always been a part of us, though few months I told to myself not to drink too much of that! A cup of coffee is not just about coffee, the mystery is what's behind while you're drinking and enjoying the natural taste and aroma!  
Butterscotch Vanilla Latte at Figaro Manila!

I'm very lucky  yesterday I must say that, because I got a chance to talk with the people who knows the "Truth", I mean its all about Bible "Words of GOD", no inventions at all! 

I found Figaro a comfortable place,  for the first time I tried their "Butterscoth Vanilla Latte", it looks beautiful  and taste good! Well their Cappucino and Cafe au Lait are nice to have also!

Cafe au Lait at Figaro Alabang!

Enjoy your cup of coffee!



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